About Us

I am a freelancer. I started this journey because I want to have the freedom to do what I want and at the same time, to reach as many customers as possible. Over the years of my freelancing career, I was able to build my own reputation and list of customers.

What I Do:

I offer different types of services from strategic planning, to creative execution. Right now, I am focused on working with different businesses to streamline their digital marketing activities and their sales efforts. I provide them with comprehensive plans and approach on their already placed systems.

I also offer training to those who want to have the necessary skills so they can be freelancers too. It is a bit of a challenge but I really love to inspire other people to have their freedom so they can gain more experiences that they have always wanted to experience. 

Why I Do It: 

Freelancing taught me a lot of things. At first, I was afraid that it won’t be a path for me but thankfully, I was able to push through and discover that I could be great in it. I was able to learn fast and find out that there are many opportunities waiting for me.

Also, I am here for the experiences. For several years now as a freelancer, I was able to pick up numerous additional skills that I was able to use in different aspects of my life. Definitely, being a freelancer is the best decision of my life.