Taking IG Photos Like A Pro

Taking IG Photos Like A Pro

You’ve probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of great photos in IG and told yourself, how can you take a photo like that. In the world of digital marketing, it is important that you have that skills in order to compete with other people and also for you to create your own brand.

But the question has always been how? What are the techniques that you can use to capture that perfect moment that balances your photo and at the same time the message that you want to impart through your photos. 

The following are some of the tips from the Pros. 

Sunlight is your Best Friend

Nothing can beat natural lighting when it comes to your photos. So your instinct when taking a photo is to find the light. Where there is light, you should be there (or your subject). If there is no natural light available, then always consider where the brightest light is coming from and take your angle considering that position. Without light, you won’t be able to create a great composition and your photo will not look as vibrant as it should be. 

Compose Properly

It is not a sin to compose a scene. You might have to move some things around in order to have a perfect composition. For some, it is a bit of a struggle because you just don’t know what you should include in your photo. But always remember to arrange things that make sense. Even though you have a lot of things in the background, your composition should highlight your subject. Also, consider the color of your background and your subject. If possible, use the color of your background in order to highlight your subject.

Expression is everything 

This is especially true if you have people in your photo. You should capture the expression they made. If you can show the eyes, that would be better. You should take a candid photo to show the true expression in their eyes. By doing that, you will be able to tell a better story through your photos.


3 thoughts on “Taking IG Photos Like A Pro

  1. Gina T. Sowell says:

    I usually bring my own camera to take better photos and post-process them using adobe lightroom. Using your phone’s camera is a bit tricky because unless you have high-end phone, the lighting and color treatment is just off.

  2. Fred D. Peters says:

    As a digital marketer, it is important for me to have great Instagram photos because it can reflect your brand personality. That’s why we really do our best to capture those great photos. The advice that you gave here is very helpful especially now that there are so many outstanding photographers.

  3. Harland J. Hampton says:

    Other people are very skeptical with the use of filters but based on my experience, it really depends on what filter you use and how you use it. Of course, you do not want to overpower the color of your own photo by using excessive filter.

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